Why Your Pet Needs an ID Tag

Top 3 Reasons Why Your Pet Needs an ID Tag

Life happens, and sometimes, bad things happen to us at the most unexpected time. No matter how much caution you practice or how secure you think your dog is, at some point, it may be tempted to get away. That is when reality will strike you.
Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prepare for such a moment. With the invention of dog tags, the odds of finding your lost dog are quite high. All you have to do to avoid heartbreak is to hook your lovely pet with a proper and personalized pet tag.
While most dog owners agree that dog ID tags are essential for the safety of their pets, only one-third of them actually put ID cards on their pets. This is according to the findings of a study conducted by ASPCA.
In this article, we discuss the top three reasons why pet tags are crucial to the survival of your little friend.


Dogs Get Lost All the Time

According to several studies, at least one in every three pets gets lost at one point in their lifetime, and up to 90% of them never return to their owners if they don't have a pet ID. Other studies have shown that approximately ten million pets get lost every year.
Therefore, the fundamental reason for having a dog ID tag with the pet’s name and proper contact information engraved on it is to ensure your pet will always find its way back to you when it gets lost. The tags tell strangers what to do when they come across a lost pet.

ID Tags Provide More information about Your Pet

Sometimes, you may want to leave your little friend in the care of another person, and you may not have time to explain to the other party everything about your dog. Engraving sensitive information about your pet on the ID card can help in such situations.
For instance, if it suffers from allergy reactions or has any special conditions that require care, you can include the details on its name tag. Keep in mind that your dog can’t explain to strangers its health condition in case it is lost and found.
However, the ID tag communicates to the rescuers of any health issues, injuries, or disabilities that your pet has so they can provide it with sufficient care before you reunite with it.

Pet Tags Are Stylish

Apart from identifying your dog, pet tags can also be stylish since you can customize them to suit your dog's unique personality. They come in a wide range of colors, designs, and styles. In fact, shopping for a dog tag for your little friend can be a fun activity that you will enjoy.
While it can take time to find a unique ID tag that fits your pet’s personality, it is worth your time. Imagine sorting through tags with different colors, shapes, and styles just to find that special tag for your pet. Isn't it fun?

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